Work Smarter Not Harder: Simplifying SEO for Better Results

If you have spent any amount of time working on your site’s SEO, then you probably know how overwhelming it can be. It seems like there is always something you can do better and as soon as you make improvements, SEO has changed again and you’re back to square one. However, at Indianapolis SEO, we understand that in order to guarantee continued SEO success, you need to avoid overworking yourself and work smarter not harder. Try using some of our steps to help you simplify your SEO tactics and make your life easier.

First, you need to make an SEO plan with clear set goals. Having solid goals will help your digital marketing team stay focused even through the more complicated aspects of SEO. You need to ask yourself: What is the purpose of our site? What do we want to achieve? How will we measure success? and Who are our competitors? Use your answers to those questions to formulate a plan and set goals for your site to help focus your digital marketing team’s efforts.


After you have set your goals and made a plan, it is time to gather data. The data you gather should help you identify which tactics are working and which ones are not. Utilizing tools such as Google Analytics is a great place to start compiling data. By determining which strategies are producing the best results and which ones need to be improved, you’ll be able to focus your SEO efforts on the areas that need it most.


Once you are aware of the areas that are performing poorly, its time to make the proper adjustments. This is the time to do your research to find out what you could be doing better and where exactly your tactics have failed. In this phase of SEO it is highly beneficial to employ an SEO professional. Companies such as Indianapolis SEO can help you through this identification process by pinpointing problem areas and providing practical solutions. It is important to stay up to date on the latest SEO developments in order to guarantee consistent success, and a professional SEO company can greatly help in this area.

Remember, work smarter not harder! If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed with all of the SEO possibilities, stop what you’re doing and try to refocus your efforts by simplifying your tactics.


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